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Hair Trend

Ok so recently I’ve seen a lot of photos of people’s hair, whether it be on Instagram, Pinterest, whatever and where ever – I see balayage, root drags and ombré styled hair.

I am super into this trend! I love the variety of colours from one person to the next and within one person’s look. The dragged root look makes trips to the hairdressers less frequent and adds depth compared to the lightened ends. It’s such a beautiful autumnal look and really can make curls stand out with the texture bringing out different tones and shades.

So with me falling in love with this ever growing trend, I decided to go from my golden blonde highlights to ice white hair with a root smudge. Here is my before and after:


Honestly, I can’t stop staring at my hair, I’m obsessed! The root smudge is so beneficial for me, I love a low maintenance style and this really is. Other than a toner and trim every now and again, my roots shouldn’t have to be done for a long time. Perfect for someone who can’t sit still in the hair salon for hours on end or fears having to go for frequent root touch ups.

Some of you may wonder so what is a Root Smudge?

A root smudge or root drag is somewhere between having grown out highlights and an ombre/balayage look. It has been a popular style for a little while now and like the ombre/balayage, it offers a low maintenance style as mentioned above. However, unlike an ombre/blayage it doesn’t require hours on end in the salon (provided that the lighter hair is there to work with). It also allows you to still have light pieces through the top as you would when having foils, just not as close to the scalp as usual. So you are adding roots but in sexier way than grown out from highlights – but not as exaggerated as an ombre can be. Plus that added depth makes the look more natural and sassy.

I love the Khaleesi inspired platinum/silver look without looking as though I’m wearing a wig. I took this selfie straight after getting home from the salon and I can’t get over how white my hair looks in the sun too! I love it!

The only thing I need to do to keep up the look is to use purple shampoo to combat any brassiness, deep conditioning treatments and heat protection to keep it healthy.

What do you think of my new do?

Do you like the two tone styles?

Charlie ♡ x

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