December Birchbox 2017

It doesn’t feel five minutes since I wrote my November Birchbox review – but here we are! December has snook upon us over night and so has the lovely monthly Birchbox subscription.

In this months box was a collaboration with British fashion designer Matthew Williamson and I’m sorry, I just hate it. Flowers and jewelled birds for Christmas, really? It kinda reminds me of the carpet in the old people’s home up the road. Sorry Birchbox, but no. That’s my only negative…. so let’s get into this month’s goodies!

Spectrum, B04 Angled Blender Brush

This is my second, and very gratefully received Spectrum brush. I received the A04 Marble Tapered Finishing Brush in my October Birchbox and I have honestly loved and used it to death already – it’s such a good quality, beautiful brush! So I am pretty excited to see how my eyeshadow blending game will improve with my latest Spectrum eye brush. It’s the perfect size and shape to fit the contour of your eyes. I don’t have a lot of make up brushes, so this one so it is a lovely addition to my collection and I gotta tell you – it’s super soft. Without sounding freaky, I’ve just been tickling my face with it whilst writing this little description! Of course, this is one of two of the full size products.

Baija Paris, Caramelised Honey Body Scrub

Ok… this smells amazing. It’s just incredible! I promise, you will open this and forget it is even a beauty product – especially if you’re a sweet tooth like me! The scrub is made from natural ingredients and therefore, the sugar within really buffs away at the skin leaving it soft and supple. So as well as smelling like pure joy, your skin will be radiantly glowing too. Get your pamper on!

Pixi, Shea Butter Lip Balm in ‘Natural Rose’

In last months box we had a sneak peak for December, to choose our full-size festive lip! It was a choice between the classic party red lippy by LOC or this nice natural tint by Pixi. I have been wanting to try Pixi skincare products for years but always fear of messing up my skins routine. This pretty little thing has wowed me and helped me to ease into the brand. I have about five different lip balms in my handbag and I’m pretty sure this is going to be joining the gang! I am rather fond of the fact that it has a dash of pigment in there, as well as being hydrating on the lips. It is the perfect ‘do I have makeup on, or don’t I?’ shade. Very similar to MAC’s Velvet Teddy lipstick shade actually! So glad I picked this one!

Kebelo, Clarifying Shampoo

I haven’t actually tried this yet, but after reading reviews, I have high hopes! The word ‘clarifying’ used before shampoo does peak my interest. I am a notorious dry shampoo demon, I will literally use it for days before I have to wash. If I can get my hands on some cleansing shampoo that works, then my scalp is about to be saved. The shampoo is designed to be used once or twice a month to ‘press the reset button’ on your scalp. Basically, it gets rid of any product build up and purifies your scalp for a deep down clean. It’s not a brand that I have heard of before, so I’m looking forward to giving this a try. I will put this to the test eventually and report my findings. Let me know if you’ve used this before! I’d love to hear your views.

Balance Me, Wonder Eye Cream

I love a good eye cream, it always makes me feel like a proper adult when I use it. This Balance Me brand boasts that 99% of ingredients are natural, within this product they’ve used lemon, cucumber and witch hazel. It does a pretty good job of smoothing out tired skin and brightening it up a little, obviously it can’t be bad for wrinkles either. I think with this type of product you have to use it daily for a few weeks to get a better idea whether or not it’s right for you. So I will give it a damn good go!

Did you receive this months Birchbox? – what did you think?

If not, have you used any of these products before?

Happy Blogmas everyone!

Love Charlie x

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