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Beauty & Skincare Products I’ve Tried This Year So Far

Hi guys,

As some of you may have seen from my What I Received For Christmas post, I got quite a few beauty products that I wanted to try out and do a mini review post on. Many items were from the M&S beauty calendar, this is something my Nona buys every year and splits between my mum, auntie and I so we can try new products, almost like the Birchbox samples!

The first beauty product I’ve tried this year is something I brought myself just before Christmas, as I was desperate to find a primer to help with redness from spots. I was recommended this E.L.F Blemish Control Face Primer by one of the store assistants in Superdrug. It is a multi-purpose primer that is infused with salicylic acid, vitamin E and tea tree to help fight and control break outs and hide those nasty blemishes. Along with the normal primer duties, by prepping your skin for makeup, filling fine lines and making sure your foundation goes on evenly for a long-lasting matte finish.

After trying this out for a few days, I can confirm that it does what it says on the box! I’m quite impressed at how quickly my spots dried up and my redness showing through is now a thing of the past. The only issue I’d have with this is that I thought the product would be green like the colour correcting palette I own, it’s actually just white/clear. However, as it does the job, I really don’t mind.

From the M&S beauty calendar, I received this Pixi Lift Max Sheen in the shade Honey Sheen. I love Pixi By Petra products, so I was immediately pleased when I opened this lip product. With a mix of aloe, jojoba, peptides and camomile this lip plumping sheen helps to hydrate, firm and give a fuller look to your lips. It has a fresh mint flavour, a cooling sensation and a glossy finish. Not something I’d usually buy, but great to try out and my lips did look fuller!

Also from the M&S calendar, I received the Percy & Reed Session Hold Spray. I love the Percy & Reed No Oil, Oil so I knew I would love this product too. It does a fab job of holding your hair in place and the packaging is so cute too, plus it smells great! This gives me the perfect excuse to spend time curling my hair!

I love this Radiance Meso-Mask by Filorga, I’m a massive fan of skin care products, I especially love receiving something I’ve not used before! The mask really helps to brighten the skin and gives a lovely fresh, radiant complexion. Honestly, I could tell the difference in my skin after just one use, it’s amazing! Apparently it is great for treating wrinkles and erasing signs of tiredness – something I really need at the minute! Love the smell too! Also from the M&S beauty calendar.

This No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser was a lovely gift from Myles’s mum, Petra. I’ve never used No7 products before, even after so many people me have recommended them to me! I love this cleanser, it’s so nice and thick, it feels like a proper spa treatment! Plus it comes with a muslin cloth that gets rid of dead skin cells. The box says to gently massage over dry skin in upward circular motions. Run the muslin cloth under comfortably hot water, wring out the excess and place cloth over your face to open pores and relax. Then use the cloth to lightly polish off the cleanser in circular motions to finish, splash your face with cool water to close pores and pat dry. I use this every night now as part of my routine and I can confidently say that my skin is so much better. It looks so much more smooth and healthy, I love how soft it makes your skin feel afterwards too – definitely going to repurchase this – it’s currently on offer at Boots for just £5!

I got this Innovate Radiance Reveal Peel by Formula for Christmas too, from the M&S set from Nona. This stuff is so weird yet so satisfying! An exfoliating gel that goes on smooth then transforms into delightful jelly-like balls so you can actually physically see dead skin and dirt being swept away! Once on, it feels so cooling and refreshing. It’s almost like a gentler alternative to the traditional face scrubs, it’s mild and tingle-free, which obviously makes it a smart choice for sensitive skin types, but seriously effective at giving pores a good spring clean too. It took me a while to figure out how to use this, I got there in the end though! Just apply to a clean, dry face, keep massaging in and watch the magic happen. The gel becomes like a scrub and then rinse once you’ve scrubbed enough. The muck that came out of my pores actually embarrassed me, but afterwards my skin felt amazingly soft.

This Ragdale Hall Spa Time To Sleep Set was a gift from my mum, who always hears that I haven’t slept well – something I’ve always struggled with. The spray smells of lavender and chamomile and can be sprayed straight onto your pillow or used as a body spray. I’m not 100% sure if this helps me sleep but the smell as quite calming and relaxing. It comes with a lavender scented temple balm that you gently massage into the sides of your head. I’ve only used the balm once as I sleep on my side and it got all in my hair, probably best to put it on a few minutes before bedtime! I use the spray every night in desperate attempt to get more Z’s!

That’s about it for this post, I’m always up for trying new skin care and beauty products, I can’t get enough of skincare especially! If anyone has any holy grail products that they know and love – please recommend them to me in the comments below! I’d love to hear what works best for your skin.

Have you tried any of these products before?

Love Charlie x

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