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The Perfect Oversized Jumper

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well. How has everyone been doing in the January sales? On Boxing Day, I ordered a few bits and bobs online, some were from the sales, some were new season items. Anyway this week they arrived!

One of my fave things that I have absolutely been loving since it arrived, is my brand new oversized jumper from Zara!

I have wanted a decent oversized jumper for a while now as they’re so wearable and comfortable, especially in these cold winter months. It is available in six colours and I went for the more neutral – Sand/Marl colour, a classic staple for your wardrobe!

It is possibly the comfiest, cosiest jumper I have ever owned! That cosy that I almost ended up going to bed still wearing it. So definitely worth the Β£29.99 I paid, which I think is pretty reasonable for Zara.

I love knitwear that is not 100% wool such as this one. I think is better for those with sensitive skin, I tend to find that 100% woollen jumpers can get kinda itchy, but this baby doesn’t irritate at all. Fabulous!

In fact, it’s that fab, I also brought it in black.

Here is an awful photograph of me wearing it – I do apologise – but I wanted to show you how baggy and snuggly it is!

What do you think of oversized jumpers? Like this one? Click here to buy yours!

Love Charlie x

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