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January Birchbox 2018

Hi everyone!

My Birchbox for this month has finally arrived – can you believe it is the middle of January already? First off, just look at the design on this box, I’ve gotta say – it’s the best pattern I have received yet!

This month they’ve collaborated with Ohh Deer – the home of illustration and quirky designs! I love the flamingo and cactus print, it’s screams summer to me and opening this made me so excited for the year ahead.

Get 20% off at Ohh Deer by using code: BIRCHBOX

The first item I received in this months box was this super cool Afterspa makeup remover cloth. My friends have various versions of this cloth and do nothing but rave about it, so I was so pleased when I opened my box to find this little gem inside. Who needs lotions and potions to remove their makeup when you’ve got this bad boy? It’s an ultra-soft cloth (almost like a microfiber cloth) that just needs water to remove all your makeup. That’s right – ALL OF IT! 

All you do is wet the cloth and use it in circular motions over your entire face to break down impurities ans remove all kinds of makeup. Just make sure to pop it in the washing machine before you use it first time. Apparently it lasts up to 1000 washes too! Bonus!

My second item is this Parlor by Jeff Chastain Moisturising Sea Salt Spray – a Birchbox exclusive! I haven’t use this spray yet, but apparently it is amazing, I always love a sea salt spray and after running out last summer, I’m happy to have received this. With sweet almond extract and vitamin-rich algae extract listed in the ingredients, I know that this will be a great nourishing treatment, as sea salt sprays can often make hair look dry and frizzy. Spritz evenly through damp hair and twist between your fingers to add texture and waves.

I also have been using this smudge-resistant, long lasting, waterproof eyeliner by Marcelle – another Birchbox exclusive, in the colour Charcoal. It’s a very dark grey black colour with very teeny tiny glitter specs in it – very beautiful for a night out with the fella. I’ve used this for work and it really does stay put with no touch ups needed. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t print under my eye, which is always a bonus – I hate eyeliner pencils that slip and slide off your face.

This Thermaliv Night Cream is a great little under eye moisturiser to use before hitting the hay. It is full of skin-friendly ingredients to leave skin feeling plump and youthful! The sea chamomile helps to boost collagen production and the vitamin E helps to sooth your tired eyes. It’s not too greasy and leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh by morning.

Lord And Berry is a brand exclusive to Birchbox and in last months box we had the option to choose between two full size crayon blush colours. I went for the shade Peach as it was a lot more subtle than the brighter pink shade. I love the colour as it’s so buildable and wearable! I’ve never tried a blusher in crayon form before, so using this for the first time was strange but I loved it! Definitely felt like a big kid scribbling lines all over my cheeks but after blending it out, I was back to my usual, 23 year old self.

That’s it for this months box! My favourite product was the Afterspa Makeup Removing Cloth for sure, my least fave product was probaby the Thermaliv eyecream, I don’t have a reason for not liking it, it is a very good product, but I do prefer others!

Have you got Birchbox? Want to try it?

Use my referral code to join to receive £5 off your first box!

Love Charlie x


12 thoughts on “January Birchbox 2018

      1. It has makeup, skin care & hair care products & it’s $27 a month, but there’s always $80+ worth of product 😊
        It’s nice living here, but it’s taking forever to get a residence permit. Other than that there’s castles everywhere & in this city there’s the cathedral where the Danish kings & queens are buried & at the harbor is the viking ship museum!

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      2. That’s really good! I wonder if they ship to the UK! Will have to look into it ☺️ aww it sounds beautiful, I may have to persuade the other half to look at going there with me 🏰 I love old buildings and architecture x


      3. Last time I checked they only shipped to Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. However, GoodieBox reminds me a lot of Glossybox, which I know is available in the UK! 😊
        There are definitely a lot of old buildings here!

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