Prestige Flowers – Review

Hello everyone,

So earlier this week, I received an email from Michael, the corporate account manager at Prestige Flowers, after I signed up for the opportunity to receive a free bunch of flowers in return for a true and honest review. I am super excited to have been chosen to work in partnership with this flower company because let’s face it – what girl doesn’t like flowers?

On Friday, I received my delivery and I was so thrilled to find that I had been sent the “12 Roses and a Bear” from the Valentine’s Day collection. The flowers came packed in this super cute floral design box, I’m all about first impressions and I honestly I love the pattern – very chic and sophisticated.

When unboxing my package, I found that not only had I been sent the ’12 Roses and Bear’ gift, but also some flower food, a box of free Valley chocolate truffles and a £5 gift voucher to use online. There was also a Flower Care Guide inside with some essential tips on how to care for your bouquet – very handy to keep too, not only did it tell me about roses, but also tulips, freesias, and lilies.

My flowers were in good condition on arrival, the foliage was very green and the deep red roses were still slightly closed, meaning that they would open more once I had placed them in water at home, giving me longer to enjoy them.

They were wrapped in red cellophane, with the stems placed in a thick bag of wet jelly-like substance that was helping to keep them fresh. They seemed a little dry having to travel in this, I did put them straight into water with the flower food provided and they soon perked up.

My only concern was that I presumed the luxury range flowers would be a slightly larger bunch. However, the item description does state 12 roses – which obviously I cannot complain about. My bunch of roses also consisted of a few sprigs of romantic copper coloured foliage and some bear grass for added colour and textural variety – a bouquet fit for a princess!

This particularly romantic “12 Roses and Bear” gift usually retails at £39.99. However, right now it is available for just £27.99 – you can check out all the details right HERE.

I wouldn’t usually buy flowers online, but the sheer excitement and joy I felt upon opening this box totally won me over! Plus, to my surprise, there wasn’t a droopy leaf or petal to be seen!

I seriously think that this is the perfect romantic gesture for your partners, spouses and possibly even a secret crush you’ve got going on. I’d love a little surprise like this again – tulips are my faves huns! 

I’ve even passed along the website details to my partner Myles, not that I’m hinting of course – but for upcoming Mother’s Day and other special occasions.

Overall, I was thrilled with Prestige Flowers and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy flowers online.

Thanks all for reading and thank you to Prestige Flowers for the beautiful bouquet!

Love Charlie x

As mentioned above, I was gifted this bouquet from Prestige Flowers in return for an honest and truthful review of the product –

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