My January Faves

Hey everyone ♥

So it’s the end of the month and I wanted to show you guys all the things I’ve been loving in my monthly favourites post! I’ve only done a couple of these in the past, this year however, I’m going to try and keep to doing a monthly fave post at the end of each month. So here it goes…

I’m in love with my new fur sliders, my friend Becca has these and recommended them to me. I got them for under £8.00 from eBay! They do a few colours but grey is my fave so of course – mine are grey! They’re great for pottering about the house in, I kind of use them like slippers.

I have been collecting quite a few illustrations and prints for around our home recently, I love a good artsy print! A few of my faves include the Peruvian Women illustration by a lady called Emma, the Crazy Plant Lady print also by Emma and this quirky quote print for our bathroom by Elle and Indi.

The Keeper of Lost Things Book By Ruth Hogan has been my absolute fave book this month. I really really loved it, it’s such a heartwarming book. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to read. See my review here.

This month I decided to give our bedroom a little upgrade with this gorgeous Joules bedding! I am so in love, I’ve wanted these for as long as I can remember and finally have them. They’re so adorable and good quality, I’ve even started going to bed earlier. I love that our bedroom feels cosier now with all the finishing touches, I love spending time in there now.

Myles brought me a grey fluffy Slanket from Aldi a few weeks ago, for those that don’t know, a slanket is a blanket – with sleeves! At first I was like what the heck, but now OH MY GOD. It’s incredibly comfy and so practical for typing on the laptop or reading whilst staying warm, such a sweet gift from my man.

So there you have it, my January monthly faves!

What do you think?

Love Charlie x


7 thoughts on “My January Faves

  1. Ahh, love Emma Block’s illustrations…and Keeper of Lost Things is one of the next things on my reading list so glad to hear it’s heartwarming 🙂 x

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