Snow Sunday

Hello lovelies,

For those who aren’t aware, the UK has been hit with a lot of snow recently – also known as “The Beast From The East” along with storm Emma. I personally absolutely love the snow, it always feels so magical and I’m always eager to get out in it!

This Sunday just gone, Myles and I decided to wrap up and go for a walk through the public footpaths and to the pub in my mums village. We went through a few fields and the woods until we eventually came to the bridle path that runs along side my grandparents house. Although I haven’t walked that route in many years, I still knew my way without worry. It was so foggy and misty on Sunday morning, the snow during some parts of our walk was so deep too, it was fun to jump in the drifts with two feet.

Here’s us starting out down the paths, we couldn’t see what was ahead of us because of the fog! I love seeing the wildlife tracks that are left behind in the snow, little bunny hop paw prints and the bird feet prints, so cute! Of course my lipstick and hat had to match for the occasion.

This little stream is right next door to my Nona and Popa’s house, I used to play in here as a kid, there are building remains of an old mill here too. If you look closely, you can see the markings from where the wheel used to spin around. When I was younger, there was a lot more to the building, however now it is just the main wall that is left standing.

We both really enjoyed the walk in the snow and seeing the beautiful scenery that is literally right on our doorstep. I can’t wait for our next snow day, it was lovely to walk in the crisp, fresh air and take in our surroundings. It was great warming up in the pub with a large glass of red wine afterwards too! Maybe we can take a walk this way in the summer too and take a picnic with us.

Have you been out and about in the snow this weekend? I always feel like I’m off to meet Mr Tumnus in the wardrobe when it’s been snowing heavily!

I’d love to see your snow day posts, please feel free to link them below.

Until next time,

Love Charlie x

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