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My Eyebrow Tattoo Experience Revisited

Hello lovelies,

If you read my post last year, you’ll know that in August 2016, I made the decision to get my eyebrows tattooed on. I wrote my one year on post in August 2017 and now wanted to share a few more details.

As I said before, eyebrows can really make or break a face.

As a young teenager, I had followed the 90’s trend to have very thin, over plucked eyebrows and always had a strange patchy growth when trying to grow them out. A few years ago, beauty addicts found a surge in brow popularity and eyebrows on fleek became an actual thing.

Turning to social media to show off “fleek” eyebrows became a favorite cosmetic pastime for celebrities and normal citizens alike. After a disastrous visit to a HD Brow technician, I decided to bite the bullet and book in for eyebrow tattoos with Michaela, who was recommended to me as a fully trained permanent cosmetics technician.

Of course, I did a vast amount of research before booking in as I was so nervous about it going wrong! My worst nightmare was thick black wonky slug brows!

Let me show you my before brows… bare in mind that I did not trim, pluck or wax them for a full 8 weeks before going to Michaela.

The HD brow experience was horrendous and she barely left any sign of previously having eyebrows.

When I first arrived at Michaela’s studio, she was warm and welcoming and talked me through the whole process. We sat for just over an hour measuring my brows and deciding together how they should look. I explained that my eyebrows used to be thicker and that the lady who butchered me during HD brows had taken a lot of hair from the top of my brows as well as the tail length and thickness. This had made my eyes look sad in a way, almost as if my brows curled around my eyes rather than framing them.

Once we were both 100% happy with the layout of my brows, Michaela popped some numbing cream across my brow bone and let it sit for a few minutes.

She didn’t lay a needle on me until I was 100% satisfied with my drawn on template – bare that in mind if your thinking about going for tattooed brows! Your technician should never rush you and should always be working with you to get your desired look that suits your face shape!

Whilst the numbing cream was working away, she tested some colours on my forehead to match the ink to my skin tone, hair colour and brow colour. My natural hair colour is a dark ash blonde, whereas my eyebrows are quite a bit darker. With this in mind, she mixed mid brown with ash blonde to create my perfect brow shade.

One she started to tattoo, I couldn’t feel it at all, only the slight vibrations of the needle on my head. I did panic slightly when all I could picture in my head was thick black slugs, however Michaela talked me through every step, I knew exactly what she was doing at all times and I honestly felt so calm knowing that she was so professional.

When it was all over and done, I could not stop smiling! I mean I cried at my results too, I think just for the sheer relieve and happiness that I had my eyebrows back! My new ‘happy brows’ had completely transformed my face, they were positioned slightly more angled and thicker making my eyes seem less sad and more happy! I couldn’t thank Michaela enough for making me feel like me again.

During the healing process, I couldn’t get them wet for two to three weeks, so no makeup helped my skin clear too. I did wear a tiny bit of mascara and was extremely careful when applying and removing.

I was sent home from the studio with a little pot of balm to put on my brows twice a day – very much like the regular tattoo recovery balm you see. I was very careful not to get them near steam and not to sleep on my face/side as I didn’t want them to catch any scabs, as this can pull the ink out too.

Six weeks later I went for a top up for any missed spots or bits that had come away after healing. Luckily, mine had healed extremely well and there wasn’t much to top up!

Almost two years on, they have faded a fair bit, they look so natural though and have really kept their shape. I no longer go to a professional to get them threaded or waxed, as it’s so easy to follow the tattoo outline on where to pluck out stray hairs myself. I have found that I need to draw them in slightly though now as they’re not as dark as I’d hoped they’d be, I actually use a brown eyeshadow just for a thicker look.

They generally last for three years, but you can go and get them re-done whenever you are ready. I hope to be going back for a top up soon, just to get them more defined around the front and slightly darker. I shall keep you updated!

Before and after

Overall, I would definitely recommend tattooed eyebrows – as long as you go to a fully qualified, fully trained technician!

Always do your research first! I’ve had so many complements since having them done and because they were lifted slightly, I do truly have a happier looking pair of eyes.

What do you think? Would you go for it?

Charlie x

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9 thoughts on “My Eyebrow Tattoo Experience Revisited

  1. I feel like I would do it, but I worry about beauty trends coming and going. But your brows are gorgeous! What a game changer.💖 —

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