Oh BABY… Guess What?!

Hey lovelies,

So if you follow me on social media, (which you totally should btw) you’ll have probably seen that Myles and I have announced that we’re having a baby!

We’ve been chatting about starting a family for a while now. When we finally decided to stop using contraception, we managed to get caught straight away, which is such a blessing as we thought we’d struggle, what with family history and what not. As I write this, I am currently 13 weeks and 6 days pregnant and still in denial that there is a baby growing inside my tummy.

I have already started to show and trying not to throw up every day has been a pretty interesting sport to say the least!

I’d love to say that I have embraced my pregnancy and become some nature loving glowing hippy princess, basking in the joys of growing a human being… However, I’m pretty sure I’ve ended up giving the girl from the Exorcist a run for her money!

I won’t sugar coat this one bit, I have felt like I’ve been dying from some sort of disease since we found out at about 3 and a half weeks in. I’ve been in denial since the first pregnancy test and can honestly say that I have never felt so dreadful in my whole life. Hence the lack of published blog posts – when I’m not regurgitating my breakfast, I’m sleeping whenever and wherever I can!

With all this in mind, I thought I’d enlighten you with some of my thoughts and first trimester experiences I’ve dealt with within the past 13 weeks:

1. Not quite believing I’m even pregnant – even say “I’m pregnant” sounds so odd to me. Like I’ve said above, I’ve been in denial since finding out – even at the first scan I was like “oh hello, who’s kid we looking at then?”.

2. Insane amounts of watery discharge – I’m SO sorry that this is way too much information to share with you guys. BUT, it was my first sign, I knew my body wasn’t usually up to this kinda shizzle, so I took a First Response 6 days early test and hey what d’ya know – it was a positive.

3. Constant period cramps – the first few weeks of pregnancy consisted of a lot of 24 hour period pain, which had me 100% convinced I was about to come on my period at any given moment.

4. Gigantic nipples – holy guacamole, how did they get so big? Why do they hurt so much? How do pregnant people wear clothes or even shower?!

5. Constantly using google for those questions you need to know, such as: “can pregnant women use an exercise bike” and “can pregnant women eat …*insert food here*…”

6. Morning sickness is uncontrollable – if you’re in my direct line from our bed to our bathroom – you will be thrown up on. I’ve didn’t expect I would bring up so much bile on a daily basis. Even my work colleagues have actually gotten used to me dashing off outside or towards the nearest bin and deemed this as normal behaviour. That constant feeling of nausea and going off so many of your favourite foods can bring even the strongest of women to floods of tears.

7. The only desired clothing is my knickers and a baggy shirt. God forbid I have to put on some trousers and wear a bra!

8. Eczema has decided to make a raging return, my whole body is an itchy, flakey mess – I don’t know how Myles can stand looking at me at the moment. ITS EVEN ON MY FRIGGIN EYELIDS GUYS!

9. My lips have dried up to a shrivelled prune, no amount of slathered-on Carmex lip balm and drinking copious amounts of water will help my peely lips. Lipstick wearing is a thing of the past.


11. I am absolutely exhausted ALL of the time, like proper shattered, can’t get out of bed kind of tired. Like that tired before I even wake up tired.

12. Midwives are basically professional vampires, stop taking my blood and making me feel faint and even more sick and even more tired than I was five minutes ago.

13. Chocolate milk tastes exactly the same on the way back up as it does on the way down…

14. I am SO EMOTIONAL. I literally cry at everything – even more than I did before I was pregnant.

15. The thought of something growing and moving around inside me creeps me out quite a bit, I’m actually scared of being able to feel it move

16. Since becoming pregnant, I notice every passing by pregnant belly and try to guess how far along they are

17. Not drinking coffee is killing me, I crave it constantly and having to use the coffee machine at work often makes me want to cave in and drink gallons of the stuff. I do treat myself to one skinny mocha frappuccino from Starbucks every now and again and the odd cup of tea at my Nona and Popa’s always goes down a treat!

18. I don’t like olives and pork pies, but baby likes olives and pork pies! Apparently my taste buds have completely changed.

19. Our bed is not big enough for the three of us! Time for an upgrade!

20. I can’t get over how incredibly lucky we are to have this little wiggly long legged creation inside of me. I’ve never been more excited, thrilled and terrified in my life but overall just amazed at what my body is doing, in the last few weeks, my body has created a whole nervous system, eyeballs and teeth buds!

There’s thousands more things I could say about the making of our little bundle of joy, but for now I’ll leave it at that. I’ve been so overwhelmed by all the lovely messages since announcing our baby news. I will never be so thankful for life than I am now.

See you in the next post,

Love Charlie x

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