Zoflora Uses And Why I Love It So Damn Much

Hey lovelies,

Since moving in with Myles, I’ve become a bit of a Monica Geller, in that I’m in love with cleaning the house and making sure it is always fresh and presentable.

Over the past month or so, I’ve noticed a lot of people going through the same cleaning hype, thanks to the Instagram sensation and overall cleaning fanatic – Mrs Hinch. I can almost guarantee that a few watches of her Instagram stories with motivate the fudge outta you into deep cleaning every corner of your home.

One product she is a lover of is Zoflora disinfectant. I must admit, I have been a lover of a cheeky bit of Zoflora since coming across the Winter Spice Christmas scent last year.

Now for those of you not in the know, Zoflora is a concentrated disinfectant available in all sorts of fragrances, with a list of many many uses. The main reason I love it is because of its strong, long lasting, all day fragrance and the fact that it is so damn versatile! My favourite scent at the moment is Linen Fresh – a staple in my cleaning cupboard! Below is my ever growing collection, I can’t get enough!

So what’s the difference between disinfecting and cleaning with normal cleaning products…

Here are some fab uses for Zoflora:

Antibacterial Spray | Make your own antibacterial spray by adding between a few capfuls into an empty spray bottle and then top up with water. I use this stuff on every surface going, great for the kitchen, bathroom, cupboards and doors. I even spray it into a cloth and go over light switches and handles!

Disinfecting Washing | A couple of capfuls in your clothes washer draw will disinfect any clothing, bedding or towels, plus remove any bad odours. I just pop it into the conditioner compartment of our washing machine and wash as normal with fabric conditioner and clothes wash powder. I feel like this great for when you’ve had a bit of a sick bug or cold and really want to eliminate all of those nasty germs! It’s also great for your clothes washer too – no musty smells!

Plug Holes and Drain Cleaning | When cleaning my plug holes with soda crystals and white vinegar, I usually pop a capful or two of Zoflora down too, to keep any odours at bay. Just leave to soak for a little while before rinsing out with boiling water.

Dishwasher Freshen Up | I hate a musty dishwasher! During pregnancy, the dishwasher has been my ultimate morning sickness cause, just the thought of the smell gets my gag reflex going! I’ve recently discovered a hack to keep ours fresh, simply by putting a capful of Zoflora into the tablet dispenser and putting onto a hot empty wash. All awful odours removed and I can put my dishes in the wash without bringing up breakfast!

Bin Cleaning | To disinfect your bin, fill theempty bin with hot water and a few caps of Zoflora, then leave to soak for around 30 mins. I also spray it on the lid and give it a good wipe around.

Floor Cleaner | Instead of buying a purpose floor cleaner, I fill our mop bucket with hot water and add a few caps of my fave Zoflora to mop our kitchen and bathroom floors with. Obviously it disinfects and kills 99.9% of all germs, it cleans up grime and grease and smells delicious! It’s also great in spray mops and steam cleaners.

Mattress Freshen Up | Zoflora is good at neutralising odours so is perfect for mattresses. When changing the bed, I scrub bicarbonate soda into our mattress to lift any odours or moisture and leave for a while to do the trick. After hoovering the bicarb up, just lightly spray the mattress with a Zoflora and water mix and then leave to dry before putting on your bedsheets.

Cloth disinfectant | In between washes of my cleaning cloths, I tend soak them over night in a bowl with a capful of Zoflora and water. Not only will it freshen it up and give you a scented ready to use cloth, it will also fill your kitchen with fresh clean smell!

Radiator cleaning | This is definitely something you don’t always think of cleaning, make a solution up of water and Zoflora and then wipe down your radiators thoroughly, it’s surprising how dirty they get. In winter, I leave it on to dry as it heats up, this way the scent fills the room and makes your whole house smell incredible.

Honestly, there’s not many places in our home I won’t use this stuff. I will admit that I am a little bit of a germaphobe, so having this about really helps me to feel at ease and know that everywhere is fully disinfected and bacteria-free. Especially since we have our little one on the way, it gives me such peace of mind knowing harmful bacteria is so easily eliminated.

It is so important to focus on home hygiene in order to try and protect you and your family from diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. Obviously it is impossible to eliminate all germs, but by understanding more about the importance of disinfection and learning about bacteria hotspots in the home, you can help to minimise the risk of picking up or potentially spreading illness causing germs.

What else do you use Zoflora for? Which is your favourite scent? ☺️✨

See you in the next post,

Love Charlie x

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