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The Hellish Ordeal That Is Teething | How To Help Your Tot’s Teggies

Hello bunny buns,

Ollie is teething like a mofo at the minute and the poor boy seems to have been chomping at the bit non-stop since he was 7 weeks old! *pun intended.

We first noticed his first two teeth emerging at just 7 weeks old, so young! My little boy no longer seems so little, at almost 15 months old, he’s got a good set of 12 pearly whites and they’re coming through thick and fast. The last two sets to fight their way through have been a top and bottom set of molars, it’s been a pretty hellish ordeal to be honest so I figured, why not bare all on the blog about our teething woes.

Signs Your Baby May Be Teething

Our Ollie is usually such a happy lad and bloody loves his food. I usually know pretty much straight away when he’s teething again, but for others I know it can be so hard to figure out whether your baby is teething or not. That mum gut feeling can always be trusted, but if you need some reassurance, here are some tell tale signs that your little one is cutting a new tooth.

  • Loss of appetite or fussy over food – especially chewy or hard food, or food that’s too hot/cold
  • Chewing – whether it’s toys, their fingers or a muslin, they’ll want to get it in their mouth for a good chomp
  • Biting Others – when teething, I end up becoming the chew toy as Ollie started to bite me in frustration! ouch!
  • Dribbling – get those dribble bibs to hand, they’ll help to save your little one from sores and rashes
  • Teething rash – like I said above, excess dribble and drool can cause a rash around their mouth, cheeks and chin
  • Rosy red cheeks – sore gums can often give off a rosy glow to your bubba’s cheeks, sometimes even just on the one side
  • High temperature – expect your little one to have a little temperature when teething, all that pressure certainly heats things up
  • Disturbed bedtime and naps – of course sometimes the pain is too unbearable to get to sleep properly
  • Restless/Irritable behaviour– they could be more fussy, cry more easily or become clingy, if your little love seems out of sorts, they may just need more comforting from their mumma
  • Sore bottom – teething causes babies to swallow access saliva that becomes acidic in their bellies. This can give them runny poops that burn their little bum! Make sure to change them straight away to avoid irritating the skin and apply lots of barrier cream – we love Weleda Calendula Nappy Cream!

Our Ollie is on his 6th set now, with 12 teeth already through, I’m well practised as seeing the signs more clearly. He’s is a pretty chilled and happy chap most of the time, we love his cheesy little toothy grin.

Usually for us, there is a tell tale sign when there is a calm before the storm. Ollie is usually a very independent baby, he wants to play and explore and doesn’t really come for cuddles often. A day or two before teething fully kicks in, he’s really more subdued. He wants more cuddles and is just happy to sit and lie with me on the sofa for large chunks at a time. Usually I can’t get him to sit with me for five seconds!

In the days afterwards, all hell breaks loose. He’s extremely irritable, doesn’t want any food and his sleep schedule is all over the place. He usually experiences all the above symptoms at some stage of each teething experience, at the minute we’re in constant crying, constant dribbling, constant turning down food phase… thank god for Peppa Pig and Ashton & Parsons teething powder!

As a parent, I get a sense of comfort in knowing the signs, it’s horrible just wanting to take the pain away for them. I know as soon as the signs start gearing up, to stock up on teething powder and Calpol and prepare for a few weeks of clingy baby.

Teething Remedies That Work For Us

Just a lil disclaimer: I’m just a mama trying to help my baby and hopefully help out other mums who are seeking advice. These are remedies that worked for Ollie. I am not medical professional, so please always consult with a pharmacist or doctor when it comes to giving your baby medicines.

Here’s some tested teething remedies that work for us and help make the ride a little less bumpy.

Frozen Goodies – there are many things I’ve shoved in our freezer that are there to help soothe Ollie’s gums. Whether it’s been a teething chew toy or homemade frozen lollies to suck on, I’ve rounded up a list of frozen ideas to try when your little one is teething:

  • Icy Keys or Freezy Keys – whatever they’re called, we got Ollie some from the Nuby brand and they kept him busy and helped to sooth those tegs coming through
  • Frozen fruit lollies – blitz up some yummy fruit and pop in the freezer in ice lolly moulds
  • Frozen breast milk lollies – the same as above, but instead of blitzing fruit just pump and pour
  • A clean damp flannel or cloth popped in the fridge for a while – I tried this once and it worked pretty well, but I’m pretty sure Ollie was disappointed he couldn’t eat it
  • Frozen fruit sticks and wedges – watermelon and pineapple wedges were always Ollie’s favourites!
Yummy chilled watermelon sticks

Ashton & Parsons Teething Powder – this has been a bloody godsend for us. It was recommended to me by my amazing mother in law and by every woman that’s ever served me at Boots checkout when I’ve brought these. It’s a powder sachet that you pop into their mouths to swallow and my gosh, it works so fast! I usually rub a little around Ollie’s gums and where it is most sore. The redness and heat from his cheeks disappears within minutes.

Amber Teething Jewellery – ok I’m a little bit sceptical on this one but other mums swear by it and to be honest it does work. Maybe. I don’t know, it’s a weird coincidence if it doesn’t.

Anyway, we brought Ollie a teething anklet at 2 months old and within a day or so of putting it on, his symptoms seemed to disappear and we got our happy little boy back.

Fast forward a few months into summer, I ended up taking it off as his skinny little ankles couldn’t keep it on and being so hot I didn’t put his socks on that usually held it in place. I ended up putting it away safe, but so safe that I couldn’t find it. Lo and behold, teething becomes horrendous again and Ollie’s butt is hotter than the damn summer sun. He had teething rash that spread all over the lower part of his face and neck and more drool from his face than a Saint Bernard dog.

Just before he turned 11 months old, he was teething real bad, his butt got blistered up and so sore it made him cry to sit down. Nothing was working to sooth it and I was on the verge of taking him to the doctors. Somehow I came across his anklet again. I popped it back on and he’s not had teething poops or a sore bum since. Four whole teeth have cut since then! I’m not saying it definitely works, but I’m never taking it off him again!

His amber teething anklet from Go Amber, we have matching ones and so does my mum!

Teething Toys – I didn’t think I’d brought Ollie a tonne of teething toys, mainly because he’ll have a good chew on anything. But listed below in no particular order are a few teething treats he did have and enjoy:

  • Nuby Icy Bite Teething Keys – great for the freezer!
  • Silicone Bead Teething Bracelet – I got mine randomly from TKMaxx, mumma can wear it for safe keeping and baby can gnaw away to hearts content. I found some beautiful marble effect and rainbow ones on Etsy! There’s necklace versions available too.
  • Wooden Teether Ring Toys – I got Ollie a couple of these cute rattle teethers from Pebblechild and he loved the two in one toy!
  • Nuby Teething Chewbies – they look like double sided, funny shaped dummies with little bristles on the pads, Ollie still loves these ones!
  • Nuby Bugaloop Teether – so cute, my mum got this for him to use at her house. It’s full of texture beads and cute lady bugs and beetles to play with and chomp on
  • Banana teething toothbrush – I just love the look of this and it’s still a firm favourite with Oliver. He loves it when it squeaks against his teeth and it’s always been so easy to hold. Another fab TKMaxx find!
  • Silicone Teether Toys – I didn’t actually end up getting these for Ollie, mainly because he was busy biting other things but I loved the look of Gertie the Goose teething toy and very nearly ordered it too!

Calpol – when it’s real tough and he’s really suffering, it’s Calpol to the rescue. I don’t like to give him it often incase he becomes immune to it (I don’t even know if that’s a thing but hey hoe). When he’s really suffering and our other remedies aren’t working and he’s losing out on precious sleep then I do give our little love a dose of Calpol before bedtime.

I hope this helps you if you’re currently losing hair, sleep and sanity whilst those pesky teggy pegs poke their way through!

Have you got any other teething tips or tricks to add? Let me know in the comments!!

Love Charlie ♡ x

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