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FM Perfume Review | 448 Decadence

Hey lovelies,

Last week, the lovely Larissa reached out to me to ask if I would like to review some perfume in exchange for a honest blog review. Of course I said yes, theres something satisfying about testing different fragrances! Larissa works for a company called FM World, who create fragrances that smell almost exactly like those expensive ones we all know and love but for a fraction of the price!

My initial first thought was “are these fake copies?” the fact is no they’re not! I chatted with Larissa and did a bit of my own research too. It turns out that each FM fragrance is made in the same DROM factory in Germany using the same oils as those in branded perfumes. In fact Gucci and Chanel fragrances are made in the exact same factory!

All FM fragrances have at least 20% concentrate perfume oils within each bottle, making them an Au de Parfum, not the weaker Au de Toilette alternative. They have three different sorts of fragrances available by FM, these are:

  • Pure – Contains 20% perfume oils and lasts up to 6 hours
  • Intense – Contains 30% perfume oils and lasts 8+ hours
  • Royal – Contains 20% perfume oils but are your more high end perfumes such as similar scents to Jo Malone and Tom Ford

But why are they cheaper? Well let’s all be honest with ourselves here, it’s the brand and bottle that we’re basically paying for, right? That and those ridiculous celebrity endorsements and adverts that make no sense! FM fragrances have no brand names, no extravagant bottles, no celebs. Just the most beautiful scents and their own simple, contemporary designed bottles that are still elegant enough to sit pretty on your dressing table.

All FM fragrances are numbered rather than named, so I went for number 448 – a similar scent to Marc Jacobs Decadence. I actually have a bottle of Decadence to compare and I have to say, I can hardly tell the difference!

The scent is a beautifully sensual, woody fragrance just like Marc Jacobs Decadence. You can really pick out those fruity, warm scents that give an idea of luxury too. You’d never think that it was by made FM and not MJ himself.

The 448 is from the Pure collection so promises six hours of wear. I put it on first thing in the morning and I have to admit, it did last a long time. I even got compliments from my other half that afternoon, just proving the length of wear you get out of these.

As much as I love the fancy Marc Jacobs bottles, I’m more than happy to get some of my favourite fragrances for just a fraction of the price. It’s gut wrenching to know that I’ve paid over the odds for certain perfumes purely for the brand name!

Larissa even very kindly sent me a sample of one of my ultimate fave scents – Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle, which was out of stock when I ordered 448 Decadence. Yet again, I can’t tell the difference at all! I can’t wait to try some more FM perfumes in the future.

If you fancy trying out some fabulous designer inspired perfumes, then get in touch with Larissa via her Instagram: @onthequarrybank for a list of scents and a peek of her beautiful home! Or head over to her Facebook page FM With Larissa.

Prices range from £14.90-£24.50 per 50ml bottle, perfectly reasonable indeed! Although for this week only, if you quote CHARLIE10 to Larissa, you can get 10% off your order if you order by the end of Sunday 7th June!

Let me know which scent is your favourite!

Thanks for reading,

Love Charlie ♡ x

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*Disclaimer – this product was gifted in exchange for a true and honest review, all opinions are completely my own and in no way influenced by Larissa or FM World.

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