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All Mask, No Mess! | Olay Clay Stick Review

Ok, so my mother in law is literally the best ever! She knows exactly what a girl wants and that’s to be pampered! Every so often she’ll treat me to a few goodies that she’s come across and this week (along with amazing Liberty London chocolate) I was given two Olay products. One of those being a clay stick.

What the heck is a clay stick though right? It’s probably not a new thing, but it’s definitely new to me. I’d never heard of them before and it turns out it’s a clever little roll on face mask! There are three masks in total from the Clay Stick collection: Glow Boost, Pore Detox and Fresh Reset.

I got the Fresh Reset Pink Mineral Complex, which is a lovely pink face mask that micro-polishes away clogged surface cells, and claims to instantly reset tired skin for the ultimate fresh look and feel. Perfect for a targeted refresh or an all-over skin reset.

It’s really simple to use and fab for throwing in your overnight bag for a weekend stay. I love that there’s no rubbing in with your hands and wasting product all over the taps. You just twist the top off and apply directly to your face, great for precise application! It almost reminds me of a chap stick, when it’s worn down, just twist the bottom to push it up the tube. I think it’s absolutely fantastic! Such a clever and innovative design.

This mask is by far one of the best I have used in terms of rehydrating the skin. It goes on really smoothly and glides across the skin spreading the product evenly, without any difficulty.

I feel like this mask definitely does what it says on the box. My skin feels more radiant even after one use and that’s probably down to it’s two main ingredients:

Kaolin Clay is supercharged into the Fresh Reset formula, a combination of antioxidants that instantly resets skin for a fresh look and feel.

Pink Mineral Complex is a micro-exfoliator that gently scrubs away skin-clogging impurities to help enable your moisturizer to fully penetrate skin.

After applying the product and leaving it to work for ten minutes, just wash off with warm water and admire your super smooth, super soft skin. Honestly, my skin was almost like velvet after just one use! I found that my patchy combination skin felt more even and hydrated than usual and like I said above, I felt more radiant and refreshed. It smells pleasant enough too, kind of fruity and doesn’t give your skin a tingle or tightening sensation during or after use.

I would 100% recommend this product and will definitely be repurchasing it in the future. It’s suitable for all skin types and works a treat!

Let me know if you’ve tried an Olay Clay Stick before, I’d love to know your thoughts on the other two masks from the range!

Thanks for reading,

Love Charlie ♡ x

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