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20 Week Pregnancy Update

Morning everyone,

I haven’t really written in a while, but I feel serious mum guilt for documenting everything from my pregnancy with Oliver and nothing from this one.

So yes, I am pregnant again, with another little boy! The first trimester was pretty much hell thanks to sickness and the second has followed suit really, although it’s now much more controllable. I stopped being and feeling sick with Oliver at 20 weeks so hoping this one fades soon.

So here’s a little catch up:

How many weeks pregnant : 20 weeks and 6 days

How I’m feeling : Feeling sick still first thing, the only thing that helps is fizzy pop, if I don’t drink it I throw up… like this morning as Myles had the last can of Dr Pepper!

Bump size: Growing nicely. I feel like I’m not as big as I was carrying Oliver, with him I shot out straight away and couldn’t fit in anything from about 10 weeks! This baby bump seems a lot slower this time, but I’m definitely starting to feel uncomfortable now.

19 weeks pregnant

Maternity clothes : I’ve not brought a single maternity item this pregnancy. I saved a few bits from the first time round and I wear fairly oversized/baggy clothes anyway so I’ve not had the need. I do desperately need underwear soon though!

Nursery Progress : zero progress… we really need to get started as it’s driving me crazy not being able to sort things out.

Baby Names : so far we’re pretty set on Oscar, but you never know, he might come out looking like a completely different name!

Sickness: Only once so far this week… it’s Tuesday so I’m hoping no more this week. Definitely picking up more fizzy pop later!

Skin: Skin has been pretty good throughout until last week! My body feels really dry and itchy, which is normal for me this time of year. My face isn’t too bad I’ve stepped up my skincare routine, I’ve just had two or three red marks appear around my eyes recently, not spots so not sure what they are.

Cravings: erm, I’ve not really had many cravings this pregnancy. My most recent one would probably be chocolate cereal but it was only for one day really!

aches or pains: stomach has been a lot more uncomfortable this week, he’s definitley had growth spurt in there as I was still laying on my front two weeks ago without much discomfort. My hips and back have been aching a lot this last few weeks and my knees feel tight to bend!

Baby movements: He’s a jiggle bug that’s for sure! Mostly first thing in the morning and late at night but he’s always kicking and they’re pretty strong too! Not enjoying the 3am little raves he’s been having though.

Sleeping : Just not sleeping well at all, I got a pregnancy pillow that kind of helped for a while but I’m just so uncomfortable all night and once I get comfy, it’s not long before I need to move again.

Missing anything: sleep and more than two cups of coffee a day.

Baby Clothes: I’ve only brought one little baby grow so far, which has definitely been adding to the mum guilt. I’m determined to sort through Ollie’s old baby clothes first and not waste money on clothes we don’t need. Although I’ve seen loads that I want to buy!

Life : Life has been a little slower so far this week, lockdown round two has been announced to start this Thursday again. Everywhere is busy with people panic buying so I’ve mainly stayed at home or been with my mum. I did nip to B&M yesterday to grab a few bits for Christmas but it was busy and you could feel the panic in the atmosphere, so I don’t think I’ll be going out that much before baby arrives now. Especially on my own!

Thanks for reading,

Love Charlie ♡ x

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