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How I Got My Hair To Grow: Tips and Tricks To Grow Long Hair

I'm always asked how I grew my hair so long or if I'm wearing hair extensions. So in today's post I shall let you in on a few of my top tips to grow long, healthy hair! Like many little girls, I dreamt of growing up to be a disney princess. So over the years… Continue reading How I Got My Hair To Grow: Tips and Tricks To Grow Long Hair

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My First Birchbox: October 2017

Hello everyone! So this month I jumped on the Birchbox bandwagon and started my monthly subscription. My first Birchbox arrived yesterday and is a beautiful vibrant pink and purple marbled design. October is actually Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so with this in mind, Birchbox did a collaboration with CoppaFeel, breast cancer charity in the UK.… Continue reading My First Birchbox: October 2017

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Monthly Beauty Faves: August

I’ve yet to post a 'monthly favourites' post on my blog, so as it's now September, I will share with you my August ultimate faves... SkincareI'm always raving on about different skincare products as I love the feeling of soft skin and trying to find products without causing breakouts has apparently become a hobby of… Continue reading Monthly Beauty Faves: August

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My Hair Routine and Most Loved Products 💁🏼

I've pretty much always had thick, long hair and finding the right products to complement it has taken some time! With a few tweaks here and there, I have finally I've figured out my perfect hair care routine. First of all let me tell you about my hair type. Thickness: Thin hair but lots of… Continue reading My Hair Routine and Most Loved Products 💁🏼

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Coconut Craze: What Are The Uses?

EAT IT | WEAR IT | SWEAR BY IT ♡ Coconut oil - the new "in-gredient". The uses are numerous, not only is it one of the most versatile health foods on the planet but can also extend to being a form of natural medicine, natural beauty treatments and so much more. The coconut tree is… Continue reading Coconut Craze: What Are The Uses?